The Hunt - a UniQue home adventure game

Forget about the standard Escape Game Box that you can buy at every corner! The Hunt will immerse yourself in a surprising storyline and will let you travel the world from the comfort of your own living room. Based on our passion for travel & based on our experience in organizing worldwide events, we have created The Hunt as a real-life & engaging home adventure.


Dozens of uniquely designed documents & items will lead you to a hidden world, where the fate of humanity will be placed in your hands. Each and every one of our boxes is assembled personally & manually by us, with a lot of passion & attention to detail. You will travel the world, across 3 continents & will discover some new, exciting locations.


And who knows…. maybe a real live-action adventure in one of the game’s destinations will be waiting for you, when we can all travel free again without limitations …?

The Hunt

This is the mysterious message you get at the start of your home-adventure!!

An ancient mystical weapon, Corona’s Box, was stolen in December 2019 from the Pithoi Knights, a secret society of knights who have dedicated their lives to protect this terrible weapon and keep its existence secret!
After searching for a long time, the Pithoi Knights have tracked down the Box! But during a confrontation, one of the Pithoi Knights was fatally wounded…
With his last breath, this Knight gathered all the information and clues he had in his suitcase and left it at your doorstep!
Will you continue his work & mission?
Reconstruct the trail of the box & hunt down the thieves to find out the location where the box has been hidden….
Your journey will lead you across 3 continents & you will have to visit some mysterious websites….

The fate of the entire world is now in your hands!

Now at €51.2 instead of €64

UniQuest Games: Who are we?

UniQuest Games is a spin-off from our Travel & Events agency UniQuest In March 2020, we were forced to stop all our activities in light of the rise of the Corona crisis. Until this day (end of 2020), international travel & events are still at an all-time low.

Confronted with this unprecedented & challenging situation, we have developed during the summer of 2020 a unique open-air escape game, ‘the Quest of Corona’s Box’, which turned out to be a huge success!

The many positive reactions & feedback on Tripadvisor were heart-warming and convinced us to further develop this concept and create a new story.

“The Hunt” is a unique Home Adventure, filled with unique puzzles & mysteries that will guarantee an evening full of pleasure & discovery.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally The Hunt is played with 4 to 5 persons. However, you can also play it alone with 1 person, although off course it is much more fun to play in company. More than 5 players is also possible, but then we advise to maybe work together in pairs. Or you can buy 2 boxes and make 2 big teams to play separately and try to finish the fastest.

The idea of the HUNT is to make the experience as realistic as possible. To that effect, all the locations in the game are also existing & actual places somewhere in the world. Hence the game has a very international dimension and consequently we have taken English as the universal language of the game.

The Hunt was developed according to the principles of a real Escape Room game and will deliver the same sensation & atmosphere, but from the comfort of your own living room and without any time restrictions. In that sense, just as playing an Escape Room, you can only play the Hunt one time! But believe us when we say you will experience a memorable evening at home!

The Hunt game can only be bought online on this website. Click HERE to go to our online store & get yours now !

A lot will depend on the players themselves and how they play, but you have to count on some 2 hours. It can be less, it can be more; you will determine the pace. You can even spread the game over 2 or more nights although once you get sucked into the story of the game, we can pretty much guarantee you will want to continue until the end!

In an escape room game, you always have an operator who is following you from behind the scenes and who is there to give you some clues when you get stuck during the game.

For obvious reasons this is not possible with our Home Game, but we have created a virtual assistant.

Inside the box, you will find a link to a specially designed website where we  have collected multiple tips and clues to get you going again. Even all the solutions can also be found here.

We do want to advise you not to give up too fast, since the whole idea is to solve the mysteries yourselves as a team !

But, if needed, you always have a back -up with help and solutions.

So you will never get stuck permanently!

Besides a laptop or a computer with internet or Wifi access, you do not need anything else. Everything can be found in the box.

Make it comfy at home and get some drinks & snacks ready; light up some candles and get ready for a night to remember!

Based on the level and difficulty of the puzzles & mysteries and seeing that the language of the game is in English, we recommend an age of 12 or above to play the game.