The Hunt

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This is the mysterious message you get at the start of your home-adventure!! An ancient mystical weapon, Corona’s Box, was stolen in December 2019 from the Pithoi Knights, a secret society of knights who have dedicated their lives to protect this terrible weapon and keep its existence secret! After searching for a long time, the Pithoi Knights have tracked down the Box! But during a confrontation, one of the Pithoi Knights was fatally wounded… With his last breath, this Knight gathered all the information and clues he had in his suitcase and left it at your doorstep! Will you continue his work & mission? Reconstruct the trail of the box & hunt down the thieves to find out the location where the box has been hidden…. Your journey will lead you across 3 continents & you will have to visit some mysterious websites…. The fate of the entire world is now in your hands!
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